Capabilities & Equipment


Interpret drawings, scale, take-off, details, callouts.
Site preparation. Identify locations.
Field measure, confirm placement & attachment points.
Stage material, confirm packing list.
Resolve any conflicts. Plan schedule.
Initiate work scope.
Progress on multiple tasks simultaneously.
Check and confirm each stage.

Pull lines, confirm.
Align, set structural members plumb & level.
Laser level - set elevations.
Metal, wood fabrication as necessary.
Proper application of fasteners.
Proper application of sealants, caulk.
Complete assembly, verify as-built.
Cleanup, site representative overview.


F250 w/Rack.
Rigging & Straps.
Stakes & Clamps.
Harnesses / PPE.
Power tools.
Compressor/air tools.
Magnetic drill press.
Laser level.
Multi-function ladders.
Cleanup / vac.

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